Today we want to share with you some of the thoughts God has put in our hearts to help us grow in LOVE. We need love

to change the world and God will use all of us to change the world around us.


Picture this: you are travelling along the road in a small two-seater car and you get to a bus stop. You meet three

people at this bus stop. The first one is a very good friend of yours, you guys go back a long way and you trust this

person completely. The second person is the love of your life and the third person is a woman in labour, who is very

close to giving birth. Now, you only have two seats in your car so what would you do?


The best answer is that you give your car keys to your good friend who takes the pregnant woman to hospital while you

stay at the bus stop with the love of your life. Everyone wins!


This is a powerful story that teaches us that when you with the love of your life, time fades away. The love of your

life can help you make decisions of ultimate sacrifice.


Now let’s imagine that God is driving the car and He saw you at the bus stop. You wouldn’t be classed as the good friend

or the woman in labour. You would be cast as the love of God’s life. God stopped for you. He died for you.


To further illustrate this is what David said in Psalm 8:3. When I consider Your Heavens, the works of Your hands, the

moon and the stars which You have ordained. What is man that You are mindful of him?


God’s mind is full of YOU. You are the love of God’s life. Everything God does, He does for you and He will always stop

at the bus stop to spend time with you.


This is seen throughout the scriptures. Jesus was walking by the blind man Bartimaeus who called out to him ‘Jesus, have

mercy on me’. Jesus stopped. He was on his way to heal someone else but he stopped and cured the man’s sight. God will

always stop and spend time with you at your point of need.


In the week ahead, God will stop whenever you need Him to spend time with you. Would you be willing to spend time with

Him? Who or what is the love of your life? Is it God or is it something else? We encourage you to make God the love of 

your life. And God doesn’t use up all your love, he imbues you with so much love that we can pass that love on to others.

Let’s fill up the world with love! Let’s change the world!


Choose God to be the love of your life because you are the love of His.