Today I want to talk about the power of words and vision and how we need to connect these two to speak good things into our future.

To highlight this I’m going to use a glass of water with some water in it. Some people may see the glass as
half full and others will see it as half empty. When we see the glass as half empty, what does that mean? We’re
starting from a point of the glass being full and I am halfway on my journey towards an empty glass. This is
seen as a pessimistic view. It also suggests that the glass was full and is on its way to becoming empty. When
you see the glass half empty and you say the glass is half empty you begin to drive your life towards emptiness.

However, if you see the glass as half full it means you see the glass as empty to begin with but you’re halfway
to filling the glass. The end goal is fullness. This is how God wants us to be.

Life is like this, with good days and bad days. When we see life through the eyes of the good days our vision
is that life continues to increase, we are seeking addition. We are seeking a point where life gets to an
overflowing point. That is optimism. When we see life that way we begin to speak positive things into our

In Genesis 1:3 it says ‘And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. The Bible goes on to say in
verse 4 that ‘God saw that the light was good and he separated the light from the darkness.’ God divided the
light from the darkness. God saw the darkness and called the light forth and called it good.

Our lives are like this, filled with both light and dark. When God looks at us he sees the light and call us
good. He separates the darkness from the light. We need to do this, to separate the light and dark, to focus
on the bright spots. Call the light good! Focus on your light and focus on the lights of other, we should be
looking at other people and seeing the good. Speak goodness into your future. The darkness will always be there
in the world but we mustn’t focus on it, God saw the light and so must we.

When we focus on the positive things in life then life becomes better. We see the glass as half full, on its way
to fullness. Like God saying ‘Let there be light’ we should say what we want to see. If there is negativity
ahead of you, and you want to change that, begin to SAY what you want to SEE and look at what you’ve said. Don’t
look at what negative people say and don’t look at the emptiness of life, look at the fullness of life. There is
always joy and good news around you. Pain and sorrow will always be there but don’t make that your focus, look
for the light in the darkness.