We’re going to start today by speaking about sauce! One of the most popular sauces is sweet and sour, it’s tangy

and it has a bite to it. Life is a little like that, sweet someimes but also sour at other times. There are trials

and triumphs, tests and testimonies, ups and downs.


When we take life to God in prayer we need to be able to share both. Sometimes we only share a part of it and forget

the other but we must be able to share both. Share your triumphs but also share what you’re struggling with and also

thank him for what he’s done for you. Maybe we think that the things we’re struggling about doesn’t interest God and 

that is something to do with our own belief. 


There’s a story in the bible that is very striking: there is a man who had a deaf and dumb son. Jesus had just

finished a transfiguration and the man had brought his son to the disciples who couldn’t heal him. Jesus implored

them to have faith as all things are possible in faith. The father of the son cries out “I have faith”. Then he

says something amazing. He says “Lord, I believe. Help my own belief”. 


Sweet and sour.


In the heart of every man there is belief but there is also unbelief. What is amazing about the above story is that

the man breaks down and opens up to God. He is struggling with unbelief but Jesus still responds and heals the man’s



When we pray, when we speak to God we are demonsrating belief, but many of us will still have doubt. We struggle with

unbelief and it is okay to share those struggles with God. God wants to hear if you are struggling with unbelief.


In the bible David is often called the man after God’s own heart. Why is he called this? Because David shared his

heart with God. David shares his vexations and frustration with God. He shares his belief but also his unbelief. Even

though his soul is vexed he shares his soul. He shares the sweet and the sour. And as he shares his unbelief something

BEAUTIFUL happens. He’s opening up space in so God can share his own heart with David. We need to share our own

hearts with God, we need to share our unbeliefs. It’s okay to talk to God in church, or in prayer and say “God, I’m

struggling with my unbeliefs”. And by God’s grace he will take it away from you and fill it with his heart. It may

take a while but we must remember to be honest with God.


And by doing these things we become, like David, men and women after God’s own heart.


Jesus, in the Garden of Gethsemane before he was about to be crucifies, also struglled. He calls his disciples to go

and pray. He is struggling, he is sweating profusely and he says to God “God, if it is possible let this cup pass from

  1. Nevertheless, thy will be done”. This is the sweet and the sour. God’s response wasn’t to save him from the cross

but to strengthen him.


God will strengthen us when we share our hearts with him. God will share his heart and we will become like him.


To grow in love we must share our struggles with God, our unbeliefs. We must not be ashamed to pray in sincerity

and honesty. He will send His Angels to strengthen us.