Today, we are going to share another aspect of growing in love with you today.


Love is a verb, love is an action, love is a doing word. Love is more than words and should be found

in deeds and actions. We’d like to buttress this with a bible verse. In John 1 3:18 it says “My children, let us not love in word or tongue but in deed and in truth”.


Imagine a wedding or a marriage: there is a song by Beyonce where she sings “If you love me, put a ring on it”. She’s 

calling for action! 


But when we are doing acts of love we must be careful we are doing it with the right motive. Think about the wedding with

the declarations of love and faithfulness, the symbol of the ring and all the wonderful words spoken. Then think about the

marriage and this is where love really lives. Marriage is more than just one day, it is eternal. Can you still love

without the crowds watching you?


Then we think of the parable of the Good Samaritan. The priest walked past the stricken man without helping. Had his

church members been there to watch, he would likely have stopped to help. But we need to act in love even without

the watching crowds. We always need to do the deeds when God is watching.


So let’s love in deeds, let’s love with our hearts! Scripture says that if you find someone in need and you close your

heart then the love of God is not in you. Love is not on Facebook or Instagram, it’s in the hearts of all of us. Love 

is not a performance to be shown on the news or on social media. Love isn’t about showing how holy or righteous you

are. In 1 Corinthians 13 the bible says if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.


So as we continue our exploration of growing in love, we must remember that love is an action, love must be expressed.

We can’t just say we love, we have to back it up with actions. And when we do it, let’s do it with the intention of

meeting with the heart and connecting with the person we want to express that love for. Let’s not do it for the

spectacle of other people or for the ring on our finger. Gold isn’t love. God is love.


Love should be found in the hearts of people who surround us. If we open their hearts will we see your name there? 

Eternity is written in the hearts of men, so let us express love and express it in the hearts of men.