Welcome to 2021!

2021 for us is going to be a year where we grow in love! We are going to grow in love because we’re going
to meet man’s greatest need.

So what is man’s greatest need? Is it money, fame or popularity? Is it food, water or air? Or is it LOVE?

A man wanted to prove his love for his wife. So he said ‘Honey, I’m going to show you how much I love you’. On his
first night at home he said ‘Honey, I’ve got a gift for you’ and he ran out of the door and climbed the highest
mountain in Scotland. When he got to the top he called his wife and said ‘Honey, I’m at the top of the mountain, this
is how much I love you’. Then he came down from the mountain and swam across the Atlantic and got to America. He called
her again and said ‘Honey, I’m in the USA, I swam all the way here for you’. The wife tried to talk to him and he
interrupted saying he had one more thing to show her. He walked across the Arizona desert to the West Coast and told
his wife ‘Honey, this is how much I love you. I’ve gone halfway around the world just to show you how much I love you’.

Then he took a flight back home. When he got to his house he found divorce papers from his wife, who had packed her
bags and left.

What is the moral of this story? The wife’s need was not all these lofty things, her need was true companionship.

That is man’s greatest need: man needs love. You can’t love someone without being there for that person. When God created
Adam he said ‘It is not good that man should be alone’. That’s why God has come to give us eternal life, because in
eternal life God will be with us forever.

And it starts now.

Jesus came to fulfill man’s greatest need. If we, the Children of God, want to meet the need of someone we start by
being there and by being a true and loving companion. We need to feel connected to each other. We need to share thoughts,
dreams and visions. God’s goal for us is that we dream about him as he dreams about us and that the dreams are the
same. God’s desire for us is that we are connected to him.

This is why Jesus said ‘I will never leave or forsake you’. This is how he fulfills our greatest need, he will always
be with us and we will never be alone. To connect with us God became like man to understand us better. God wants us
to grow in love so when inevitable challenging situations and people cross our paths we will share the love of God
and be a blessing. As we do that we become more like God. You become perfect and it will prepare you for the
Kingdom of God.

Thessalonians 3:12 I Pray That Your Love Will Grow